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(bird photos are past rescues, please contact us for available birds)

If you are interested in adopting a companion bird, please contact us via email at or call us at 920-574-8305.

Hundreds of birds are turned over or surrendered each year for various reasons. Some are given up because their caretakers were not educated about the care and commitment required, or perhaps -- due to their own health or changes in their living situations -- they can no longer provide the time and attention their birds require.  Also, many of the larger bird species can live 40-80 years and often outlive their caretakers.  So, if family members or friends don't wish to care for the birds, they become homeless when their caretakers pass on and may be surrendered to the rescue.  And, sadly, some birds are rescued from uncaring, neglectful, or abusive situations. 


Many unwanted birds become victims of neglect or abuse. They are passed from home to home, surrendered to shelters, are abandoned or set free to fend for themselves, or are euthanized.  Others end up in breeding facilities where they are held in overcrowded, bare cages and forced to breed for mass production.


The fortunate ones end up in shelters that carefully screen and educate potential adopters, or in sanctuaries where they can choose to enjoy human companionship and live with other birds.  Shelters and sanctuaries are full or filling up very fast!

How Can You Help?  Don’t Breed . . . Don't Buy . . . ADOPT!


If you are ready to make the commitment, you can help  by adopting from a rescue or shelter.  Additionally, you can help by spreading the word about bird overpopulation, rescue and adoption to your fellow bird lovers.  Many people are simply not aware of the number of birds in the world that need forever loving homes.

RoseBerry's adoption process.  What you can expect.


  • An interview and Questionnaire.  RoseBerry Bird Rescue will ask you some basic questions and ask you to complete and return our questionnaire.  During the preliminary stages, we'll gather information and generally discuss your family dynamic, living situation, bird experience and what you are looking for in a bird. 

  • A visit to the rescue.  Schedule a time to visit RoseBerry Bird Rescue to meet birds that may be potential matches for your family.

  • Once you’ve chosen a bird who seems right for your family (or a bird has chosen you!), you’ll meet with a representative from the rescue to talk about whether the bird is a good match for your home and schedule some additional visits.  Generally, three visits are required.  This will give both you and your bird some time to get to know each other and ensure a sufficient amount of time and consideration is given to your decision.  This will help to ensure happiness for many years to come.  During this time, the rescue may also share valuable information with you about the pet’s personality, medical history and habits.  This is also a good time to discuss cage needs.  Note:  If you don't purchase a cage from the rescue, the rescue may ask that you bring the cage the bird will be kept in to the rescue for inspection prior to taking your bird home and/or arrange for a home visit so that the cage you plan to use can be inspected and approved.

  • Some paperwork.  Certain requirements for adoption must be met and are outlined on our application. You will fill out the application and agree to the adoption fee which is set by the rescue.  In the days following, Rescue personnel will check your references and make necessary contacts to ensure the bird's long-term safety. 

  • Taking your bird home.  Congratulations!!  Your application has been approved, your references have passed and your cage selection is adequate.  It's time to take your bird to his or her new loving home!  When picking up your new family member, please be sure to bring an adequate travel crate or cage.

  • Post-adoption contact and visit.  We will contact you to check in and see how things are going.  If you have any questions, you may, of course, contact us at any time.  In addition to phone contact, with 24 hours prior notice, the rescue may require a post-adoption visit to your home to inspect for adequate space and care.  Finally, we may ask for a follow up interview and photographs to include in our success stories!

Adoptable Birds

1. K&D- Senegals
2. Cockatiels
3. Doves
4.Sammy- Moluccan Cockatoo
5. Ozzy- Goffin Cockatoo 
6. Sal- Senegal

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