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The Adoption Process

Why Are So Many Birds Surrendered?

Hundreds of birds are turned over or surrendered each year for various reasons. Some are given up because their caretakers were not educated about the care and the commitment required. Other times it's simply due to a change in the caretaker's health or living situation and they can no longer provide the time and attention their birds require. Smaller birds live between 15 to 35+ years. Larger birds can live 40 to 80+ years, sometimes outliving their caretakers! So, if family members or friends don't wish to care for the birds, they become homeless when their caretakers pass on and may be surrendered to the rescue.  And, sadly, some birds are rescued from uncaring, neglectful, or abusive situations. 


Many unwanted birds become victims of neglect or abuse. They are passed from home to home, surrendered to shelters, are abandoned or set free to fend for themselves, or are euthanized.  Others end up in breeding facilities where they are held in overcrowded, bare cages and forced to breed for mass production.


The fortunate ones end up in shelters that carefully screen and educate potential adopters, or in sanctuaries where they can choose to enjoy human companionship and live with other birds.  Shelters and sanctuaries are full or filling up very fast!

How Can You Help? Don’t Breed . . . Don't Buy . . . Adopt!


If you are ready to make the commitment, you can help by adopting from a rescue or shelter. Additionally, you can help by spreading the word about bird overpopulation, rescue, and adoption to your fellow bird lovers. Many people are simply not aware of the number of birds in the world that need loving homes.

Our Adoption Process


  • Fill out our questionnaire.

  • We will review your questionnaire. (please note: we reserve the right to deny your adoption request for any reason whatsoever for the safety and wellbeing of our birds)

  • If your questionnaire is approved, someone from the rescue will reach out to you for more information.

  • We will schedule a visit to the rescue for you to meet with the bird(s) you're interested in.

  • Following the completion of the first meeting, reference checks and virtual/physical home visits will be done.

  • Additional visits with the bird(s) of your choosing must be done.

  • Following completion of all of the requirements listed above, your new feathered kiddo can go home!

  • On adoption day, both the adoption paperwork and adoption fee are due.

For a list of currently adoptable birds, click here.

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