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Donate to the shelter 

Below are examples of various forms of donation for your consideration.  Note, all donations are used for the benefit and well-being of our rescue birds.

  • Monetary donations.  Funds donated to the rescue are used to help with the costs of avian veterinary services, medications, fresh fruits & vegetables, seed & pellets, housing costs such as heat, electric, and water, outreach programs to help educate people about companion birds, and advertising to let folks know about rescue.

  • Gift cards from local area pet stores.

  • Gift cards from local grocery stores to purchase produce items.

  • Gift cards from local area hardware stores.

  • Preventive care items such as vitamins, minerals, cuttle bone & mineral block.

  • Pellets and seed.

  • Bird toys, perches, cages, and feed dishes.


For monetary donations, use the "Donate"

buttons below.  For other donation types,

please contact us to arrange for pick up or

delivery of your donated items.


THANK YOU to our Donors!! 

Without you, our work would

          not be possible!


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