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Our Mission

What We Do

We at RoseBerry Bird Rescue are very honest, loving, and knowledgeable people. We strive to achieve what is best for the life of a companion bird. We diligently focus on making their lives better. We are a Wisconsin based 501(c)(3) nonprofit NO KILL shelter. Our shelter recently relocated to Little Chute, but our office remains in Neenah. 


When we receive a bird, we take them to our avian vet for a thorough exam and any necessary testing and treatment. In getting to know a bird, we focus on the bird's personality and disposition in certain situations. This helps us determine the best possible home situation for each bird. Then we get to work on helping each bird find an appropriate forever home. Some birds come in that have never been handled and they may take more time to trust the human hand. However, it is possible in most situations. 


We welcome individuals to contact us and set up an appointment to see our facilities, and to gain knowledge of what we do in a day of companion bird rescue. We are all very committed, social individuals that will gladly answer any of your questions to the best of our knowledge. Please feel free to give us a call to ask questions, set up a date and time to visit us, or to help you with any companion bird needs you may have.

Our Goal


RoseBerry Bird Rescue strives to enhance the lives and well-being of surrendered companion birds through veterinary care, rehabilitation, and the correction of aggressive non-social behavior. When a bird is suitable to be placed in a responsible, loving, life long home, it is then made available for adoption. Occasionally a bird does not progress to an acceptable physical or socially healthy state to be adopted. When that happens, we provide a life long and loving home at the rescue.    


Mission Statement


RoseBerry Bird Rescue is committed to enhancing the lives and welfare of abused, neglected, abandoned, seriously ill, and aggressive companion birds through rehabilitation, education and adoption either by RoseBerry Bird Rescue or a responsible loving home.

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